Poem of the week – Ships

Every week we study a different poem. We think critically – discuss the title, reflect what the poem could be about, read the poem and think about the messages.
We explore the language, noting interesting vocab, unfamiliar words and establish their meaning.
We talk about the print conventions shown in the poem. We identify phonological patterns, initial consonants, blends, digraphs. We find words that rhyme.
We then look at the visual information, discuss how the poem looks on the page, line length, compare it to a story,and discuss the use of bold or italics.
On Fridays we recall the poem from memory, move in different ways to the poem, respond in a visual way to the message within the poem, write poetically using an idea from the poem and the read and record it.


Kereru went Chalk About

The entire Kereru syndicate set off early on Thursday morning to visit a fantastic festival event – Chalk About. We were so excited to be a part of a fantastic arts festival in the capital.
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This is what the internet says about Chalk About
Start in the playground, go anywhere …
Revel in the creativity of this highly inventive show for kids and their families where performers Christine and Niels take the old playground game of making chalk outlines (kids are invited to help) and turn it into a playful, funny and sometimes moving look at how we fill in the outlines of each other’s identities.
Originally created by Christine Devaney & Leandro Kees (Performing Group).
It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time along the waterfront.
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The kids had a fantastic time. Ask them about it and then write their replies in the comments.
Ka kite